Going seperate ways, together.

You should not have to go through a breakup all by yourself.

You don't need to be a couple to stay a family.

Sorting out feelings
should not be left to lawyers.

From the end of love to the beginning
of a new relationship.

I am Dorothea Behrmann and I work as a separation coach following the Conscious Uncoupling™ method.

When we think about separation, we think about pain, anger, helplessness. But the end of a love relationship is also always the chance for a new beginning - the conscious decision to create a better future.

As a trained coach for the Conscious Uncoupling method, I am supporting people before, during and after the process of separation. I will help you to emerge from the crisis as peaceful and strong as possible. Additionally, this method will also help you save money from possible disputes that can come from settling matters with the help of lawyers.

This is how estranged couples stay friends.

Conscious Uncoupling was created by the American therapist and bestselling author, Katherine Woodward Thomas. Today, the international Conscious Uncoupling Network exists.

Dorothea Behrmann and Katherine Woodward Thomas, Founder of the Concious Uncoupling method, May 2019

In just six weeks the program will help you to work through your experiences and will give you the mindset to get involved in a new (love) life. This method is specifically created for individuals who have been abandoned by their partners; however, couples with children can also benefit greatly from this method, teaching them how to interact in a respectful and generous way in the future, for the sake of themselves and their children.

Benefits of Conscious Uncoupling:

Individual one-on-one counseling (no group or couple therapy!)
Peaceful separation
Quick agreement
Less emotional and financial damage
Respect instead of anger
Children can keep their family feeling
Positive self-esteem
Improvement of life and love situation
Those who are ready to forgive the suffering caused by the partner and to embark on a common path of separation with good will and mutual respect, may well draw strength from this for a new love.
Dorothea Behrmann about the Conscious Uncoupling process

5 Steps. 6 Weeks.
An orderly separation process.

Step 1: Find emotional freedom

You will learn how to use the energies of difficult and negative emotions such as rage, hatred, fear and despair, and  transform them from destructive impulses that only hurt yourself and others into constructive energies, allowing a positive change for your life.

Step 2: Reclaiming your power and your life

You will get the support to let go of the feeling of victimization and shift your perspective to begin taking personal responsibility for your part in what happened. Together we will discover new skillsets to cultivate, so you can be confident that you will not repeat the same painful patterns again in the future.

Step 3: Break the pattern, heal you heart

You will identify and transform your core beliefs about love and romantic relationships, and connect them with a deeper truth of your own value. You will create a positive sense of self as someone who is safe, loved, valued and honored. Together we will identify new ways of relating to yourself, others and life that allow you to have happier, healthier relationships in the future.

Step 4: Becoming a Love Alchemist

At this point you will feel prepared to create a positive future for yourself and others involved in the separation. We will find a way to set a healthy intention for a new form of contact you will create with your former partner. Generative communication skills will allow you to safely navigate the new form of the relationship between the two of you.

Step 5: Creating your Happily-Even-After

You will be supported in making wise and life-affirming decisions, creating new, healthy structures that leave everyone involved feel empowered. You’re now ready for new experiences, and can return to live an emotionally healthier life. Furthermore I will help you to find cooperative and secure ways to care for your children, divide your property and navigate the legal process.

Programs and prices

Coaching sessions take place exclusively online via Zoom, Skype or Facetime.

I offer different programs, tailored to your personal situations and needs.

*CLASSIC: The complete separation coaching in Conscious Uncoupling format

*ONE-DAY-INTENSIVE: Your first-aid coaching for major heartbreak

*RE-START COACHING: Power Coaching for the time after


If you ask yourself one or more of the following questions, Conscious Uncoupling is a meaningful coaching for you.

You no longer love your partner and you are considering a separation. But how does that work without drama?
You have been abandoned.
How can you ever be happy again?
You are in the middle of a separation. How can you go through it without harming your children?
You have not yet healed after a separation. What do you need to do to overcome this trauma?

What people say who have gone through their separation process with me.

Melanie, 35 J.
"Conscious Uncoupling
has helped me to find my peace after the breakup and has taught me ways to forgive myself and my ex-partner!"
Stefan, 47 J. & Dinah
"I can finally talk to my ex-wife again and managed to reconnect with my beloved daughter."
Horst, 61 J.
"After the separation I found my vitality again - and finally, along with it, a new love."


Trained Gestalt Therapist, HIGW, Hamburg
Psychotherapeutic Alternative practitioner, Health Department Hamburg
Certified Couple Therapist, HIGW
Wingwave® Coach at the Besser-Siegmund-Institute, Hamburg
Trained couples therapist, studied under Joan Garriga, Barcelona
Therapeutic supervision by Prof. Peter Dreitzel, Hohenspeissenberg
Licensed Family and Systemic Therapist, ISPF,Hamburg
Certified Sport Mental Coach, Besser-Siegmund-Institute , Hamburg
Further education in Nonviolent Communication according to M. Rosenberg
Certified in Collaborative Practices

About me

* 1968, married, 1 dog
9-year professional stay in Spain
Since 2005 Gestalt therapist
2006-2009 member of a psychological counseling center in Hamburg
2008-2011 own practice in Hamburg with focus on binational couples
2011-2018 own practice in Regensburg
April 2019 foundation of  practice in Hamburg


If you see yourself in what you just read, please feel free to contact me at any time and we will arrange an initial introductory phone call. I look forward to meeting you!

info@uncoupling.eu+49 174 1640831
Dorothea Behrmann
Conscious Uncoupling™ Coach
Borselstr. 30
22765 Hamburg
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